Guardians of the Galaxy

Awesome! The high energy classic soundtracks to Guardians of the Galaxy (volumes one & two) not only are performed as they are heard in the movies, they are lovingly and faithfully created by a band that represents the Guardians themselves! Gamorra (Amy Jackson) on 5-string bass, Drax (Robert Bruce Scott) on a giant six-keyboard rig, Rocket (Dave Daugherty) on guitar, Groot (Ric Ritter), and Star-Lord (Joel Conner) on piano!

From the opening notes of the fanfare through Hooked On A Feeling, I’m Not In Love, Spirit In The Sky, Cherry Bomb, to I Want You Back, The Chain, Magic, and more, this set is an out-of-this-world treat and guarantees fun entertainment for all!

It’s The Music of Guardians of the Galaxy – The Awesome Mixes! Book us today!

At the Indianapolis Artsgarden – January 10, 2018: