A band with complete Classic Rock, Eagles, Simon & Garfunkel, Classic Folk featuring Peter, Paul & Mary, Vegas Lounge, Century Of Rock, Power Country, Beatles, and Roots of Rock/Blues fully-developed stage-tested shows–and a brand-new 4-CD set of originals The Red, White & Blue (and Gold) Albums (available on Cool River Records via this site). A song list in the hundreds.

This is DR JAR, the most versatile band around (see above), a group of 5 Indy musicians with a combined 100+ years of musical performances. Mainstays of several major bands, Dave Daugherty (Whiskey), Robert Bruce Scott (Il Troubadore), Joel Temus Conner (Undercover), Amy Jackson (Indiscretion), and Ric Ritter – collectively DR JAR!

DR JAR – The Rock & Roll Tonic You Need!


Everything. Seriously, see above. 34 Eagles, 25 S&G, 100+ Originals, huge parts of everything from ’40’s Vegas through Nirvana and sporadically after 2000 (from Katy Perry to Kenny Chesney). All done spot-on.


Bluegrass/Dillards Show (first performance: January 6, 2017)- Guardians Of The Galaxy – Awesome Mixes! (first performance: March 23, 2017, Artsgarden).

SAMPLE SOUND FILES from the “Red” CD (songs from the “White &” and “Blue” soon):

This Old Mountain Highway:

Kinda Cute Guy:

I Hesitated:

For the FirstTime:

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