SAMPLE SOUND FILES from the “Red” CD (songs from the “White &” and “Blue” soon):

Looks Like I’m Gone Again:

I Had to Play:

Kinda Cute Guy:

I Hesitated:

For the FirstTime:

This Old Mountain Highway:

This is DR JAR, the most versatile band in Indianapolis (well, maybe the State). 5 Indy musicians with 100+ years of live musical performances combined. Mainstays of several major bands, Dave Daugherty (Whiskey), Robert Bruce Scott (Il Troubadore), Joel Temus Conner (Undercover), Amy Jackson (Indiscretion), and Ric Ritter (DRJAR) we now produce and perform the best music programs privately available.

We are DR JAR! DR JAR – a show band with multiple different programs. In addition to the programs, we enjoy playing a mix of songs from all of them! After all, with a working play list in the hundreds, why not enjoy all music? Our Red, White & Blue and Gold Albums, and booking our shows, are available now. Contact Joel at jconner@timelessfeel.com for more details.

Ready to take your party or venue to the next level musically? Book us today!

DR JAR – The Rock & Roll Tonic You Need!


Eagles, Journey, ’40’s Vegas through Nirvana, ’70’s hits through today. All done spot-on.


Bluegrass/Dillards Show (2017); Guardians Of The Galaxy – Awesome Mixes! (2017); Best of Woodstock (2018); Red, White & Blue Originals (2018); additional trios (see Indiana Lounge Lizards, Peter Paul & Mary/Folk-Rock)

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