DR JAR – Indy’s Most Versatile Band

Proof? The following shows have been performed by DR JAR and are currently available for booking, with references!:

  • DR JAR – Original Rock! Our 3-CD Debut (plus best of Whiskey, Indiscretion, Future Retros, & Il Troubadore’s originals) as a live show!
  • The Music of Simon & Garfunkel (A recreation of their original one-guitar/two-voices tour, but with full playlist from their duo and solo material!)
  • The Eagles Project – (2 hours of the best Country Rock band ever)!
  • Joel & Amy – (Acclaimed Guitar/Bass duo, Indy’s King & Queen of Classic Rock!)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy‘s “Awesome Mixes” (Volumes 1–and 2! ’70’s glory)!
  • Indiana Lounge Lizards – (Rat Pack classics and songs with that Vegas Swing, baby!)
  • The Sounds of CHRISTMAS! (All the Holiday music you have on your list!)
  • A Century of Music: Roaring ’20s to ’10s  (Well Received Library/School Program)
  • Classic Folk ’60’s-’70’s  (Dylan, Seeger, Guthrie, Peter Paul & Mary, Byrds & more!)
  • Rock & Roll Music  ’55-64  (Berry, Richard, Elvis, Beatles, Stones, Motown & more!)
  • Red White & Bluegrass/Power Country (Originals plus Country/Bluegrass Classics)
  • Nothin’ But The Blues (Brand-New show of blues classics done in DR JAR style!)

Welcome to Timeless Feel Music

We are now working with various musicians and venues in order to fill musical needs throughout the region, especial in and around Indianapolis. We look forward to hearing from you at jconner@timelessfeel.com or (317) 748-7610. We are proud to support every venue at which we perform and every artist we appear with, so for references, see our Calendar section.

We want to partner with more venues and musicians to provide and promote music and music education wherever possible.

Hope to see you soon, as we play around the Midwest – or hear from you if you need a band of any type!

Peace & Love,

Joel T. Conner & Amy L. Jackson

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